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IAMB: IBM App Connect Enterprise Solution for SWIFT FIN Messaging (DFDL Edition)



This SupportPac is a Category One (fee based) services offering for IBM App Connect Enterprise, enabling processing and validation of SWIFT FIN MT messages in IBM App Connect Enterprise.

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This solution enables parsing, writing, validation and manipulation/transformation of SWIFT FIN MT messages inside IBM integration brokers. This significantly accelerates the development of integration interfaces requiring SWIFT FIN MT message processing.

Enabling IBM App Connect Enterprise to process SWIFT FIN MT messages opens the way for implementation of integration interfaces for processing messages from the SWIFT network, other SWIFT processing systems, legacy systems and other non-SWIFT systems. Legacy and other systems may be those that process messages according to older versions of the SWIFT standard, or those using other formats such as fixed-length COBOL, XML, etc.

By leveraging IBM integration broker features, services built within the integration broker can be made available to consumers outside of the integration broker through available protocols such as HTTP. This allows customers to centralize SWIFT integration and processing capability while enjoying leverage beyond the immediate integration broker infrastructure.

Key features and components:
  • DFDL Schema Projects: Pre-packaged metadata definitions for SWIFT FIN MT messages.
  • Semantic Validation: Rules based validation solution implementing a set of validation rules equivalent to SWIFT FIN MT Network Validation, delivered as Java plug-in nodes.
  • Message model implemented using Data Format Description Language (DFDL*) annotations for SWIFT published MT-XML schemas (* DFDL is an open standard of the Open Grid Forum).
  • Delivers logical data structures consistent with SWIFT MyStandards and MyStandards Base Libraries (MBL) content.
  • Recognisable logical data structures with additional DFDL annotations describing the native (non-XML) format characteristics required to support message parsing and serialization.
  • Implements IBAN check digit validation in line with specification EBS 204 V3.2 (2003).

Typically the metadata and validation components support the current (live), previous and next SWIFT FIN MT Standards Releases.

Possible Uses
  • Transformation between SWIFT FIN MT message formats and other formats for integration between the SWIFT network, SWIFT message processing applications and other applications.
  • Abstraction of legacy systems bound to older versions of the SWIFT FIN MT standards.
  • Cost reduction through complete validation of SWIFT FIN MT message traffic before transmission on the SWIFT network.
  • Exposure of integration broker based SWIFT processing functionality and validation as a service to other systems and applications.

Skill Level Required
The service offering is provided by appropriately skilled personnel from the IBM Ireland Development Laboratory. Customer personnel who will be responsible for providing ongoing support should be familiar with IBM App Connect Enterprise and the SWIFT FIN MT standards.

New in this Release
• Support for SWIFT FIN MT Standards Release 2020.

Author: IBM Ireland Development Laboratory, IBM Watson Financial Services
Category: 1 (Fee based)
Last updated: 21Nov19
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This SupportPac requires one of the following products:
• IBM App Connect Enterprise v11.0
• IBM Integration Bus v10.0

Installation Instructions

Comprehensive installation instructions are provided with the solution documentation.

This Service Offering is available from the IBM Ireland Development Laboratory. Please contact your local IBM representative or contact the lab directly by e-mail to Dublin Adapters Support. Send Mail

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Technical Support

Support will be provided by the IBM Ireland Development Laboratory and will be similar to that offered for IBM products, including problem management, support responsibilities, severity levels and response times.

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