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IAM3: WebSphere Message Broker - Node for log4j



IAM3 provides the ability to use the log4j logging framework from within your WebSphere Message Broker flows.

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This SupportPac allows a message flow to log information using the log4j logging framework. This way it is possible to set a log level for each log message and any destination target that can be defined using log4j.

The target as well as the runtime log level can be configured independent from the flow in the log4j configuration file.

Possible Uses
Use this SupportPac if you need a more flexible logging mechanism than the Trace node provides.

New in this Release
New in v1.2.4a
• Support for App Connect Enterprise V11.0.0.3.
New in v1.2.4
• Under heavy load there was a synchronization issue with loggers.
New in v1.2.3
• Node fails to log ExceptionList in combination with RAW, RAWLF, XML, XMLLF
New in v1.2.2
• Support for IBM Integration Bus V10.0.
• ESQL initLog4j now only returns true if initialization was successful.
New in v1.2.1b
• Support for IBM Integration Bus v9.0
New in v1.2.1
• Improving performance when handling big messages.
• Rework on the XMLLF output style.
• LoggerName and LogLevel can be set by using LocalEnviroment.
• LocalEnvironment supported in LogText.
Fixed in v1.2.1:
• Node fails to log Environment and LocalEnvironment values correctly.

Author: Matthias Nieder, Global Business Services, IBM Germany
Category: 2
Released: 18Nov08
Last updated: 22Oct19
Current SupportPac Version: 1.2.4a
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This SupportPac requires:
• WebSphere Message Broker V6.1 or
• WebSphere Message Broker V7.0
• WebSphere Message Broker V8.0
• IBM Integration Bus V9.0
• IBM Integration Bus V10.0
• IBM App Connect Enterprise V11.0.0.3

WebSphere Message Broker V6.0 should also work.

Installation Instructions

Concerning CVE-2021-44228 and other security related issues we suggest to delete the following classes from the log4j JAR file:
e.g. by running the following:
zip -d log4j-1.2.*.jar org/apache/log4j/net/JMSAppender.class
zip -d log4j-1.2.*.jar org/apache/log4j/net/SocketServer.class
zip -d log4j-1.2.*.jar org/apache/log4j/nt/NTEventLogAppender.class
To install this SupportPac:
1. Copy to a temporary directory.
2. Extract the file and follow the instructions in the User’s guide IAM3.pdf.

If you encounter problems after upgrading the WebSphere Message Broker Toolkit to a new version:
1. Look into $TOOLKIT_INSTALL_DIR\configuration\org.eclipse.update.
2. Save a version of the file platform.xml.
3. Edit the file platform.xml as follows:
Replace the line:
<site enabled="true" policy="USER-EXCLUDE" updateable="true" list="Log4jLoggingPlugin/" url="platform:/base/">
<site enabled="true" policy="USER-EXCLUDE" updateable="true" url="platform:/base/">
4) Restart the toolkit with the -clean option.

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Technical Support

Category 2 SupportPacs are provided in good faith and AS-IS. There is no warranty or further service implied or committed and any supplied sample code is not supported via IBM product service channels.

You may submit a question and return email address using the 'rate this page' below, but a response is not guaranteed.

Please read the license information contained within the zip file of this SupportPac to determine if you want to use it.

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05 January 2022