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I see feedback codes like 'fdbk=' in my Connect:Direct statistics. What are these?

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I see feedback codes like 'fdbk=' in my Connect:Direct statistics. What are these?


Generally, these tend to be the responses received from an Operating System (OS) in response to a system or other call made to it by Connect:Direct. To establish what these mean, consult your OS reference material.

For example, lets say an SPCli call returns LCCA082I (Secure+ command failed without response) with feedback code of 137 ("fdbk=137"). From the C:D message lookup facility, which is part of C:D, we can look up the meaning of the LCCA082I message as being: "A usable response was not received from the SPCli when executing a command. SYSTEM ACTION: Enable CMGR tracing and repeat the command. The trace will contain details about the failure and the contents of any responses received from the SPCli. The relevant data will be located near the SPCMD_xxx functions."

Now let's say we look in the CMGR trace you generated, and it shows a feedback code of 137. The precise meaning of the 137 will vary depending on what OS platform you are using, but lets assume Windows, in which case the feedback code equates to an Windows error (%ERRORLEVEL%) of 137, meaning ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE.

Please note, these feedback codes are simply being passed on by C:D. They are not generated by C:D.

Please note also that this is just an example and these feedback codes (denoted variously fdbk, errno, or occasionally RC and rarely CC, depending on platform and circumstances) are platform specific, and that your OS provider should be able to provide you with a current, complete list of these on request.

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