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Hub for Troubleshooting ANR2968E/ANR2993E Server Database Backup Failures



Hub for Troubleshooting ANR2968E/ANR2993E Server Database Backup Failures

Resolving The Problem


The Tivoli Storage Manager server uses several different components to complete BACKUP DB processing of its internal DB2 database (TSMDB1). Although the BACKUP DB process is initiated via the Server process, it uses the Tivoli Storage Manager client API and the DB2 database API to complete the operation. The approximate flow of the operation is as follows:

If the configuration of any of these components is incorrect, an administrator may experience ANR2968E or ANR2993E errors during BACKUP DB operations, which causes the process to fail. The most typical cause of this error involves configuration of the Tivoli Storage Manager API. Documentation regarding configuring the server for database backup operations can be found here (note that V6 and V7 are slightly different):

Understanding the ANR2968E/ANR2993E errors:

The following types of errors may be received during BACKUP DB processing:

ANR2968E Database backup terminated. DB2 sqlcode: sqlcode. DB2 sqlerrmc: sqlerrmc.

ANR2993E The database backup terminated with a log problem. DB2 sqlcode: sqlcode. DB2 sqlerrmc: sqlerrmc.

This errors indicate that DB2 detected a problem during the database backup operation. This commonly indicates a configuration or procedural issue with the Tivoli Storage Manager API or Server component.

The DB2 sqlcode (sqlcode) provided is a return code from the DB2 product. This will most likely always be -2033 or -2428, which indicates the following respectively:

SQL2033N  An error occurred while accessing TSM during the processing of a database utility. TSM reason code: "<reason-code>".

SQL2428N  The BACKUP did not complete because one or more of the requested log files could not be retrieved.

The DB2 sqlerrmc (sqlerrmc) is a return code from the Tivoli Storage Manager API. This code is generally the most useful for problem determination efforts. A comprehensive list of possible API return codes and their high-level meanings can be found here.

Problem Resolution:

A list of TechNotes that can help with troubleshooting ANR2968E/ANR2993E for the various different return codes can be found below:

ANR2968E with SQLERRMC -50:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 29:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 61:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 75:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 106:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 109:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 138:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 161:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 168:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 292:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 400:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 409:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 426:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 610:
ANR2968E with SQLERRMC 2025:
ANR2993E with SQLCODE 2428:

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