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How to zero inventory year to date quantities

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How to zero inventory year to date quantities


 It happens all too often, we lose track of time and we sometimes forget to do some important task.  Commonly heard:  "I forgot to get milk!" or "Did you remember to pick up the dry cleaning?" or "It's January 15th!  I was supposed to zero out Maximo's inventory balances on January 1st!"  The last one might not come up in your day to day lives, but for a Maximo inventory manager it is something that surely has happened (or will).  The Zero Year to Date Quantities action is used to reset the counter of inventory consumption.  Since it is manually initiated, if you don't remember to do it at the start of your inventory period (calendar year, fiscal year, or other) the quantities displayed may be incorrect.  So how can you perform this action if you are past the start of your fiscal or calendar year?  Well there is a solution for those of you comfortable with using SQL scripts.  For more information consult this document:  here or…

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