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How to use newline and carriage returns within SQL in dbaccess

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How do you insert a newline / carriage return into a character field in dbaccess?


Sometimes there is the need to insert a newline / carriage return character into a character (varchar, lvarchar, etc.) column of a table to reflect a paragraph type format.


Within dbaccess or the ISQL menu, one could use the following steps to accomplish this:

create table t2 (c1 lvarchar);

insert into t2 values ('test'||chr(10)||chr(13)||'more test');

Selecting the data within dbaccess, one can see that the newline / carriage return is in the table by viewing the output format of the following select statement:

select * from t1;

c1 test
more test

1 row(s) retrieved.

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20 January 2022