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How to use FTP to upload files to Salesforce support case

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How to use FTP to upload files to Salesforce support case


1. Prepare your upload data
All diagnostic data delivered electronically to IBM must be in a compressed or packed format following the IBM file naming conventions.
Examples for My Support Case number: (ts<case ID>.<filename>)
In following example, my file is named: TS002442435.test.tar.gz
2. Connect to the ftp server and upload your file. Please note, you need to cd toibm/linux.
$ sftp
Connecting to
Welcome to the IBM Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep)
Before using this service refer to the terms of use for exchanging diagnostic
data with IBM (see!
For Documentation and FAQ please see the ECuRep homepage
     user     : [transferid]
     password : [password_of_transferid]
    - or -
     user     : [anonymous]
     password : [your_email_address]
Please report questions to:
Connection closed after 15 minutes idle's password:
sftp> cd toibm/linux
sftp> put TS002442435.test.tar.gz
Uploading TS002442435.test.tar.gz to /toibm/linux/TS002442435.test.tar.gz
TS002442435.test.tar.gz                                                               100%  148     0.1KB/s   00:01    
sftp> quit
3. Check Salesforce console, the file should be uploaded to the Diagnostics.
For more detail information please refer to following website:

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04 December 2019