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How to use cleanstartcenters.bat function

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What is the cleanstartcenters tool and how can we use this tool?


Cleanstartcenters.bat is a tool that deletes Start Center configuration data by specific user or for all users as specified in the sccleanup.xml file. Be aware that this is only available from or above.

Without an input file, the tools deletes Start Center configuration data for all users. When users log in to Maximo afterwards, their Start Center data will get re-populated to the latest settings.
With an input file, you can delete Start Centers for all users in a certain Security Group or use a list of users to delete Start Centers or both can be used i.e. group and user.

The sample sccleanup.xml is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<document docid="SCCleanup">

<!-- The line below is an example of specifying an userid for removing all start center setup for the user.
This will not remove the SC template, only removes the sc configuration for the user and related data.


<startcenter id="93"/>
<startcenterbygroup groupname="SRMSELFSERVICE"/>
<startcenterbygroup groupname="ITADMIN"/>
<startcenterbyuser userid="MMTEST"/>
<startcenterbyuser userid="TESTUSER"/>

After modifying or creating the sccleanup.xml file, you will have to add an option to make it applied when running the cleanstartcenters.bat.

For example :
- To delete start center configuration for specific users or usergroups

- To delete all just run "cleanstartcenters.bat"

Note1) If you run this while user is logged in, the personal setting for start center will be remained until the user re-login. And if user logs in, the default start center will appears.

Note2) The option for startcenterbyuser and startcenterbygroup are available on 7.1.x only. From 7.5, you can delete SC Configuration for all or selected start center.

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17 June 2018