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How to upgrade the Citrix client to the latest version (for use with IBM Cognos Controller-on-Cloud)

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Customer is using the IBM Cognos Controller on Cloud product. User would like to upgrade their PC/laptop to have the latest Citrix client installed.

How can they upgrade their Windows PC to the latest Citrix client?


End user's device (PC/laptop) has an old version of Citrix client installed.
  • TIP: To find out what version is currently installed, use the instructions inside separate IBM Technote #561079.
User would like to install the latest version of the Citrix client.


Customer using IBM's Controller-on-Cloud software, which is powered by Citrix.


The exact steps will vary, depending on the client PC operating system and current Citrix client version.
  • The following steps are based on Windows 10 (and Citrix Receiver client version 4.9).


1. Ensure you are logged on with a Windows-administrative account

2. Launch Control Panel, and navigate to 'Apps & Features'

3. Highlight the relevant Citrix client entry, for example:

  • 'Citrix Receiver'
  • or 'Citrix Workspace'

4. Click 'Uninstall'

Example #1 (Receiver)

 Example #2 (Workspace)

image 2866

5. Launch the relevant third-party (Citrix) website

  • At the time of writing this Technote, the relevant website is:
6. Click on the button "Download Citrix Workspace app for Windows"
image 2865
7. After the file (typically "CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe") has downloaded, double click on it

image 2867

8. Perform a default installation

9. At the end, click "Finish":

image 2868

10. Test.

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12 October 2021