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How to uninstall a Rhapsody interim fix

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How to uninstall a Rhapsody interim fix (iFix)


You want to uninstall an Rhapsody interim fix in order to get back to the base version.


Microsoft Windows™ 10


- uninstalling an iFix can be started from the Microsoft Windows Control Panel. There is no option in Rhapsody itself to uninstall an iFix.
- depending on your installation options of the Rhapsody main version (all users, all files in one folder, install to Program Files, ...) and installation of several different iFixes (iFix1, iFix2, ...) the iFix installation might fail anyway on some systems.
- there were also reported issues that after iFix uninstallation another iFix could not be installed anymore, or files were installed in folders, which are not corresponding to the selected installation options at base installation
That's why the general recommendation is to NOT uninstall an iFix separately.
It is more safe to uninstall the entire Rhapsody tool, restart your machine and then reinstall Rhapsody.

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Also, note that you cannot install several Rhapsody versions with and without iFix on the same machine.

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27 May 2022