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How to switch between Atria and FLEXlm licensing on UNIX and Linux

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How do you change IBM Rational ClearCase clients and license server configuration between Atria and FLEXlm licensing On UNIX and Linux?


Switching from Atria licensing to FLEXlm licensing:

To switch from Atria licensing to FLEXlm licensing, follow these steps.

  1. Identify the name of the FLEXlm license server host

  2. On the client machine, stop ClearCase

  3. Copy the flexlm_host.template file (located in one of the following directories) to the /var/adm/rational/clearcase/config directory
    • /opt/rational/clearcase/config/rcl/flexlm_host.template
    • /opt/IBM/rational/clearcase/config/rcl/flexlm_host.template
    • /opt/IBM/RationalSDLC/clearcase/config/rcl/flexlm_host.template

  4. Rename the flexlm_host.template file to flexlm_host

  5. Verify that this file has read access for all users

  6. Open the flexlm_host file and replace the word hostname with the name of the FLEXlm license server host

    SERVER hostname ANY <port optional>

  7. If you still have another copy of the flexlm_host or license_host file, delete it to avoid confusion

  8. Restart ClearCase service. The license should be checked out from the specific FLEXlm license server.

Switching from FLEXlm to Atria licensing:
To switch from FLEXlm licensing to Atria licensing, follow these steps:
  1. Identify the name of the Atria license server host

  2. Stop ClearCase

  3. Go to the /var/adm/rational/clearcase/config directory

  4. Create a file titled license_host, open it and add the ClearCase license server host name on the first line

  5. Remove the flexlm_host file

  6. Restart ClearCase service
NOTE : additional info regarding the syntax to use on the "flexlm_host" file: If using multiple license servers, the line should be in the format "SERVER <port>@<hostname1>:<port>@hostame2>:... ANY"

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