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How to stop the db2hmon process in DB2 Version 8.2

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The db2hmon process in DB2 Universal Database Version 8.2 will still run when you have database configuration parameters HEALTH_MON=OFF.


Starting in DB2 Universal Database Version 8.2 (DB2 UDB 8.1 FP7) db2hmon is a single process that run in parallel both health monitor and automatic maintenance functions.

When HEALTH_MON=OFF and AUTO_* database configuration parameters are set to OFF db2hmon will still wakeup approximately every 2 hours to check for active database automatic maintenance.


Setting registry variable DB2_FMP_COMM_HEAPSZ to 0 will prevent db2hmon from starting. This means no set is created, and as a result, no fenced routines can be invoked. It also means that the health monitor and the automatic database maintenance functionality (such as automatic backups, statistics collection, and REORG) will be disabled since this functionality relies on the fenced routine infrastructure.

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16 June 2018