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How to setup Business Card photos using the Domino LDAP

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On a Sametime® server, how can photographs be added to the users' Business Cards?


In Domino®, you can follow these steps to add photos and to enable UserInfoConfig (Sametime Business Card Servlet) to retrieve them. (Note: This information applies to Sametime 8.0 and Sametime 7.5 only.)

You can add a photo by typing the name of the photo field into the corresponding text field on the main Business Card page reached by logging into Sametime, clicking "Administer the Server," clicking the plus sign next to Configuration in the left-hand Navigation pane, and selecting Business Card. Refer to Step 6. For Steps 2 through 4, a third-party LDAP management tool is required for adding a JPEG Photo field. Most LDAP V3-compliant tools will work.

Configuring Business Card with an authenticated LDAP bind account is highly recommended. Allowing Anonymous LDAP Schema write access is a security risk and additional security changes to Domino Directory Access Control List may be required to allow anonymous write access to Domino LDAP.


1. Using Domino Designer remove jpegphoto field (under Forms -> Person -> LDAP hidden fields section ) from the person form of names.nsf or pubnames.ntf and reapply the design to the Names.nsf before proceeding.

Note Unless the jpegphoto field is removed the image data is lost when a person document is opened and resaved.

2. Enable Domino LDAP write access. Using Domino Administrator -> Within default Configuration Setting Document -> LDAP tab -> Select YES to Allow LDAP users write access.

3. Using the LDAP tool, connect to the Domino LDAP server and bind as a Domino Administrator. Once a successful connection is made, select a user and add an Attribute.

Note The Attribute name for Domino LDAP should be specified as: "jpegphoto;binary" and the type should be selected as binary. Note the name being used for the attribute. If you use just "jpegPhoto" or "Photo" as the name, depending on the LDAP tool, you may not be able to store images in the field. The ";binary" is required for Domino LDAP to understand the binary data.

4. Use the third party LDAP tool to import the JPEG or GIF photo into the new field.

5. Use ldapsearch or the LDAP tool to check that the photo has uploaded successfully.

6. Using the Administration Tool, go to Configuration -> Business Card Setup, and set the text field for Photo as jpegPhoto;binary, then save the file as shown on the screenshot.

7. Next, open the LDAP server's Domino Directory (names.nsf) in a Notes Client.

8. Expand the Configurations -> Servers -> and select the Configurations view. Select the document for [All Servers]. Open this document in Edit mode and select the LDAP tab.

9. Click the button labeled "Choose Fields that Anonymous Users Can Query via LDAP".

Click the New button in the center of the window that displays.

10. Type jpegphoto in the field and click OK to save the value. Click OK again to close the pop-up window. "jpegphoto" should now appear in the list of query fields.

11. Save and close the document, and then restart the LDAP server. (From the server console, type "tell ldap quit" and then "load ldap.")

12. Using LDAP tool or ldapsearch, check if you can anonymously retrieve jpegPhoto.

13. Browse to UserInfoConfig.xml file within Domino Install folder. Under <Details> section, check to make sure Photo field is set to "jpegPhoto;binary"

<Detail Id="Photo" FieldName="jpegPhoto;binary" Type="image/jpeg" />

14. Restart Sametime Server.

Photo storage

For LDAP: Store photos in the "jpegPhoto;binary" attribute for Domino LDAP.

For standard Domino photo storage: The photo is stored in a new rich-text field of the Person form which is added to the Domino directory, following the steps in "How to setup Business Card photos using the Domino Directory" [#1250874].

Internal Use Only

Basically, the customer found it possible to use the "photo" ldap
atribute using JXplorer, he could import photos using this method, and
the only other change needed was to modify via
stcenter.nsf,Configuration/Business Card Setup/Attribute Name: Photo
from default jpegphoto, to photo;binary.
It was not possible to edit/use the existing recommended attribute
"jpegphoto" with JXplorer OR Softerra LDAP Browser, this is why the
customer tried successfully using alternative attribute "photo".

In the Sametime 7.5.x and 8.0 connect client, the Business Card feature provides the ability to display users' photos during instant messaging chat sessions. How can the Domino LDAP be utilized in order to display photos for each individual user?

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