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How to see which user is generating a query in Cognos Analytics

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All SQL queries fired to our MS SQL Server are done under a single user. This means when there are queries generating a lot of load on the database server we can't trace this back to the actual Cognos user 'generating' this load. How can we setup our Cognos environment or database connectivity allowing us to tie these things together? Meaning in it's essence that we want to see which Cognos user is issuing what SQL queries in the database.


In order to produce the following table, you will have to ensure you have set up Cognos Auditing, the steps to do this can be found here:

Once you have Auditing enabled, in Cognos you can set the tuning levels for "Generate comments in native SQL". This will then generate a table that will show the names of the user logged into the Content Manager, and the queries they're sending.

This information will be stored in the COGIPF_NATIVEQUERY table.

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15 June 2018