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How to search order numbers in Rational License Key Center website

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How do you search order numbers in IBM Rational License Key Center website?


You may have many licenses on multiple account IDs and may want to find out to which account a particular order ID is associated.

This will save you from choosing 'Switch account' option from Rational License Key Center website frequently.



  1. Login to any of your license account

  2. Select the Search Line Items under My orders

  3. Select Order ID at the Search field under the Find Line Items

  4. Enter the particular order number at the For field

You can also search based on the Catalog Item Name, Activation Code and Purchase Order (PO) Number

Choose 'Filter By' option to view a specific order ID/ Purchase Order Number / Catalog Item Name from each license account without having to choose the 'Switch account' option

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16 June 2018