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How to Rollback From a Fix Pack or Interim Fix to an Earlier Build

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There may be times when there is a need to remove a previously installed Fix Pack or Interim Fix (hotsite) and revert to the original installed version. This document describes how to roll back an installed Fix Pack or Interim Fix applied to Cognos BI.


Assuming create backup was selected, there will be a folder with the backup under the uninstall directory. Use these files to roll back. In version 10.2.1 FP1 and above there is no option to create a backup, instead backups are automatically created in the <cognos_install>/bkp directory.

Note that the backup directories only contain copies of all individual files that were modified by the fix pack or interim fix, not the entire contents of the original directory.

Care must also be taken when removing interim fixes to ensure that there weren't later interim fixes applied which also contain some of the same files. It is recommended that a full system and content store backup be performed before attempting.


  1. Stop the Cognos service and ensure that Cognos Configuration is not running.
  2. When setting up the configuration of a newly installed Cognos BI environment, it is important to note that if you configure the new installation against the original content store, it is permanently upgraded to the new version and can no longer be used in the original environment. As a result, always create a backup of the content store prior to upgrading.
    If a roll back to the original version is required, you can simply restore the backup. However, any work done after the content store has been upgraded (reports, models, security, etc...) to the new version will be lost, as all of this information is saved in the content store.
    If you try to revert back to an earlier environment configured against the upgraded content store, you will get an error similar to the one below:
    CM-CFG-5027 Unable to upgrade the content store to the to the version N that is compatible with this version of Content Manager. The current version of the content store is M.
  3. Also, please refer to the notes on the fix pack which would include perquisites on Backup/Restore of content store and also other requirements.
  4. For versions 8 - 10.2.1: In the <cognos_install>/uninstall/backup directory there will be a list of date stamped folders with the applied fix packs and/or interim fixes.
    For versions 10.2.1 FP1 and above
    : This is stored in the <cognos_install>/bkp directory
  5. Go into the folders and check the cmplst.txt file and check for the correct version to revert to.
  6. Once the correct version is found, copy the contents of the whole folder and paste it at the <cognos_install> level, which will overwrite the files applied by fix pack or interim fix update.
  7. Start the Cognos service.

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