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How to reuse ClearQuest web sessions for REST URIs?

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Can I automatically log in the ClearQuest web when I access an REST URL from a different tab in the browser?


Since ClearQuest version, the web client provides the administrator a way to control how to reuse persistent browser sessions for REST URIs.

In Site Configuration -> Security Options, there is a drop-down list named Reuse Sessions for REST URIs. It has three options, Always allow, Always ask and Always deny. Always ask is the default option.

Always allow is to allow the existing web session to be reused without any confirmation.
Always ask is to allow the existing web session to be reused after the user's confirmation.
Always deny is not to allow the existing web session to be reused.

1. This configuration only works for REST URIs, and will not impact the behavior of normal ClearQuest web URLs or OSLC URLs.
2. There is no relationship between this configuration and Allow credentials in REST URIs.

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18 August 2020