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How to reset a forgotten user password in Rational Team Concert

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How do you reset a forgotten user password in IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) when not using LDAP?


Once your password is configured in Rational Team Concert, the password can only be changed by you from the web interface. If an administrator tries to change the password from the web interface, the change password button will be greyed out.

If the password is forgotten, the administrator will need to reset the password. The user cannot reset a forgotten password.


The administrator can reset your password in the following ways:

Eclipse Client

  1. Login to eclipse client as an Administrator

    Note: Ensure your Administrator user belongs to group JazzAdmins.

  2. Connect to the Jazz repository

  3. Right click on repository connection and go to Administer > Open Users

  4. This will open a wizard to search for your username.

    Select your username and Click OK.

  5. User information opens in editor.

    On the overview page, click Reset Password

    Mail notification must be enabled to reset the password as an email will be sent which notifies the password was changed.

Manually editing the Tomcat-users.xml file

User passwords can also be changed via the tomcat-users.xml file.
On Rational Team Concert 3.0 on Tomcat application server, the user information is stored in the tomcat-users.xml file (located in <install directory>\Rational Team Concert Standard 3.0\server\tomcat\conf). For example, a user named 'stephanie' has the following information:

<user username="stephanie" password="072b49525e72b15f33e88413e30615c0f128fb81" fullName="stephanie" roles="JazzAdmins,JazzDWAdmins,JazzUsers,JazzProjectAdmins"/>

Here, you can change the password hash to represent a new password. To change the password to ADMIN, the hash would be b521caa6e1db82e5a01c924a419870cb72b81635.

You can generate a new password by following the technote listed below:

How to reset the password in tomcat-users.xml

Web UI

As of RTC 4.0, you can now reset a users password via the web UI.

If you are a user viewing your own profile, you will see a "Change Password..." button.
If you are a JazzAdmin user viewing another user's profile, you will see a "Reset Password..." button.
If you are a "normal" user viewing another user's profile, you will not see any buttons.

Leverage the Jazz Community

Jazz and Rational Team Concert have an active community that can provide you with additional resources. Browse and contribute to the User forums, contribute to the Team Blog and review the Team wiki.
Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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