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How to reduce the size of Domino Web Server Log (domlog.nsf)

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How can you reduce the size of the Domino Web Server log (domlog.nsf)? You enable this feature to record requests handled by a Lotus Domino Web server, but find that the log database is growing large.


The Domino Web Server log includes a Cleanup agent that removes documents older than 10 days. You can also exclude certain information, such as requests for images, from being recorded in the log to reduce its size. Or you can make use of replication and purge intervals to control the size.

Cleanup agent

The Domino Web Server Log includes a Cleanup agent that removes older documents from the log. By default, it runs once a day at 1 AM and removes documents for which the date created is older than ten days. To enable the agent, take the following steps:

1. Open the Domino Web Server log (domlog.nsf), and select View, Agents.
2. Highlight the Cleanup agent and set it to Enable.
3. When prompted for the server to run on, select your Domino server's name.
4. If you wish, you can edit the schedule. For example, you can set the agent to run on a Monthly basis, instead of Daily.

    • Make sure you leave the Target setting as "All Documents in the database." Do not select "All new and modified documents since last run" as this will affect the results.
    • The domlog.nsf database needs to be Full Text Indexed for the Cleanup agent to run properly. (If the database gets too large, the clean up agent will fail to run.)

Exclude from log

By making entries in the Server document, you can exclude certain request from being recorded in the Domino Web Server log, thus reducing its size. To do so, use the following steps:

1. Open the Server document, and go to the Internet Protocols -> HTTP tab.
2. In the "Exclude From Logging" section, fill in the fields to exclude certain types of information from the log file. For more information on what to enter, see the Domino Administrator Help.
3. Save the Server document.
4. Restart the HTTP task so that the changes take effect.


Another way to affect the size of the Domino Web Server log is to set up a Replication purge interval. A purge interval indicates when documents will be removed from the database. To do so, use the following steps:

1. Select the Domino Web Server log database (domlog.nsf).
2. Open the replication settings by selecting File -> Replication -> Settings from the menu.
3. On the Space Savers tab, enter a value in "Remove documents not modified in the last x days" to set the purge interval.

If the database is never completely closed by all users, then it will never be purged. Stated another way, documents are not removed by a purge interval until a database goes from a closed to an open state. For databases such as names.nsf, log.nsf, and domlog.nsf that are almost always in an open state, this option would require a server restart.

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How can you reduce the size of the Domino Web Server log (domlog.nsf)?

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