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How to read a 997 acknowledgement

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How to read a 997 acknowledgement



The 997 acknowledges receipt of a file and confirms whether or not, the file has successfully passed initial processor edits. Below is a tool to assist in interpreting the information in the 997.

First it is important to know that electronic transactions in ANSI format have an electronic envelope. The first segment in the file is an ISA; the last segment is the IEA. Among other things, the ISA identifies the sender and the receiver of the data (ISA05-ISA08), has a control number, and indicates whether the document is in test (T) or production (P).

The ST segment is the transaction set header. The ST's purpose is to indicate the start of a transaction set. The ST01 is where the Transaction Set Identifier Code is placed. The ST01 will identify if the file received is a 997.
ST*997*1234~ ST01 = 997, hence the file is a functional acknowledgement

If the original file sent (the one that is being acknowledged) is accepted, then the AK501 and/or AK901 will have values of A or E and there will not be AK3 and AK4 segments.
Example of an accepted file:
ISA*00* *00* *ZZ*00951 *ZZ*92008 *040225*1123*U*00401*000000033*0*P*>~
AK5*A~ AK501 = A, transaction set accepted
AK9*A*1*1*1~ AK901 = A, file accepted

If the original file sent (the one being acknowledged) had errors, then there are AK3 and AK4 segments present and the AK501 and AK901 have a value of M, R, W or X.
Example of a failed file:
ISA*00* *00* *ZZ*00951 *ZZ*92008 *040225*1057*U*00401*000009211*0*P*>~
AK1*HC*5~ AK1 indicates the original transaction set (HC)
AK2*837*000000286~ AK2 Transaction set and Transaction control # of original document
AK3*PER*12**8~ AK3 present, error in the PER data segment
AK4*3**2~ AK4 present, error in the 3rd data element, error code 2.
AK5*R~ AK501 = R, transaction failed
AK9*R*1*1~ AK901 = R, file failed

Note A very basic 997 will have only the AK1 and AK9 segments. In that case, the AK9 will indicate whether it was accepted or rejected.

Note To turn off compliance checking, go to the partner, select inbound, select the 997 relationship, click advanced. There is an option to skip compliance checking on the bottom of that screen.

Note For additional information on the values in a 997, check the Data Interchange Standards Association Website at:

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