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How to install Rhapsody Architect, Designer and Developer on the same machine

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How do you install IBM Rational Rhapsody Architect for Software, Architect for Systems Engineers, Designer for Systems Engineers and Developer edition on the same machine?


Rhapsody product series only allows one edition to installed at a time. Either Developer, Designer or Architect. If you want to use other editions on the same machine then this can be done by adding shortcuts that pass the appropriate edition as a parameter to Rhapsody.

  1. Install the Rhapsody edition with the most functionality as follows:
    • Developer
    • Designer
    • Architect

  2. Add shortcuts as follows:
    1. Open Windows Explorer

    2. Navigate to Programs > Rhapsody > Rhapsody Edition (Developer or Designer).
      These are the shortcuts that start Rhapsody.

    3. Create a copy of the shortcut.

    4. Right click on the copy and select Properties.

    5. Edit the target field so the first parameter to Rhapsody.exe invokes the desired edition.

      Possible options are -dev_ed for Development or Architect or Designer such as follows:
      Rhapsody Development Edition for C++:
        <Installed Path>\rhapsody.exe -dev_ed -lang=cpp

      Edtion parameters:
        Development: -dev_ed
        Designer for Systems Engineers: -system_designer
        Architect for Systems Engineers: -system_architect
        Architect for Software: -architect
      Development language parameters:
        Ada :-lang=ada
        C :-lang=c
        C++ :-lang=cpp
        C# :-lang=csharp

    Note: At this time Designer for Systems Engineers and Architect for Systems Engineers edition can use only C++. Architect for Software edition can not use Ada.

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27 May 2022