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How to improve Web Process Designer performance

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I am seeing general performance issues while using IBM BPM Web Process Designer ( WebPD). I need general best practices to improve the performance.


Improve general performance of WebPD




​​​​​​Try the following one at a time to see if there is improved performance with Web Process Designer.


  • There are unnamed snapshots that are created intentionally each time there is a code change, when there are too many of these unnamed snapshots the latency in the database increases.  You can reconfigure these unnamed snapshots to be purged each night. 
    • Automatic deletion never removes named snapshots.
    • Because automatic deletion randomly chooses which process applications and toolkits to work on, specify a duration that is long enough to process all the active projects in your Process Center.
    • Automatic deletion removes unnamed snapshots in chunks of 100 to limit database contention. If the duration time expires before all the unnamed snapshots are removed, automatic deletion might not remove all the unnamed snapshots between two named snapshots.
    • Automatic deletion runs only when the server is up. If the server is down when the configured start time occurs, automatic deletion will not run until the next time the deletion feature is configured to start.
    • Before deleting unnamed snapshots, go to the Process Designer Inspector and remove all process instances that are related to each unnamed snapshot that you want to delete.
    • Delete unnamed snapshots when there are no operations on the Process Center and no connections between the Process Designer and the Process Center.
    • Procedure :


  • Configure default-unversioned-po-cache-size

    This setting controls the number of objects in the unversioned persistent object (PO) cache. The default value is 1000.

    For low-volume environments with relatively few process applications and coaches, the default value may be sufficient. However, for more complex environments with many process applications or coaches, you may want to increase this value so that the process applications and coaches are held in the cache after their initial use. This step can improve response time when accessing these process applications and coaches.

    If the process instrumentation data indicates that there is an excessive number of PO Factory cache misses, you can increase the value of the unversioned PO cache. You may need to iterate through multiple values until you determine the best value for your particular scenario. After changing the value, check the process instrumentation data again and adapt the value as needed.

    The setting is located in the applicable 00Static.xml files, but updates to the default value of the setting must be made by adding the setting to the 100Custom.xml files.

    The above information is found in at the following URL along with related information about similar settings :

  •  Disable WYSIWYG

    When you build large or complex coaches and coach views, the design-time WYSIWYG might also slow down the performance.

    • To disable the design-time WYSIWYG, in the Coaches tab, right-click anywhere on the canvas, then click Editor Options > Disable WYSIWYG in the Designer. When WYSIWYG is turned off, the coaches on the canvas no longer respond to changes that you make to their configuration properties.

    • When you have completed the design of your coaches and want to turn the design-time WYSIWYG back on, right-click on the canvas and click Editor Options > Enable WYSIWYG in the Designer. Enabling the WYSIWYG persists between sessions.

    • More information :

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