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How to find the installed version of assemblies and its components

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Cloud Pak for Data can be upgraded and patched with latest version of Assemblies. The following steps will help determined the version of assembly and its services are at the desired versions.


1. How to list all the installed assemblies and versions
  POD=$(oc get pod -l name=cpd-install-operator -o=jsonpath='{.items[0]}')   oc exec $POD -- helm list --tls |  cut -f5
Sample output
image 5044
2. How to check version of a specific assembly and its components installed in this cluster
Example: WML (Watson Machine Learning)
  POD=$(oc get pod -l name=cpd-install-operator -o=jsonpath='{.items[0]}')   oc exec $POD -- helm list --tls | grep wml-base | cut -f5      oc exec $POD -- helm  get values wml  -a --tls |  grep -A2  -B1 image | egrep -v '^-|image'  | sed -e 's/repository://' -e 's/tag://' | paste - - -

Sample output
image 5043

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10 July 2020