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How to find the Eclipse Workspace Re-Builder tool



If your IBM® Rational® Application Developer (RAD) workspace becomes corrupted, you can run the Eclipse workspace rebuilder utility in an attempt to rebuild the projects in your workspace. This technote provides information on how to get Workspace Re-Builder, a command-line utility which is provided as-is by Eclipse.


Corruption of your workspace could be caused by several reasons, such as:

  • you received an out of memory error
  • you ran out of disk space
  • power was interrupted while you were working

Resolving The Problem

Follow the steps below to get the Workspace Re-Builder tool, which can be found on the Eclipse Core download page at:

  1. Download the Workspace Re-Builder tool
  2. Extract it to the Eclipse plugins directory of your install.
    For instance:
    unzip -d <RADInstallDir>/eclipse/plugins
  3. For details on how to run the workspace rebuilder utility, see the readme for the utility at:

Note that this command-line utility is provided "as is" by Eclipse. IBM does not provide support for this utility.

Comments and questions should be directed to the mailing list. Complaints and bug reports can be directed to the Bugzilla database against the Platform/Core component. You can find additional Eclipse information from the Eclipse homepage, linked under Related information.

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Modified date:
10 September 2020