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How to find the date-time stamp when an MQ connection started (runmqsc DISPLAY CONN, DISPLAY CHSTATUS, plus amqldmpa)

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How to find the date-time stamp when an MQ connection started (runmqsc DISPLAY CONN, DISPLAY CHSTATUS, plus amqldmpa)


++ Objective

Given multiple connections to a queue manager, how do you find out their chronological order from the output of “display conn” under runmqsc?
There are no time stamps shown in the output, and you want to stop the oldest of those connections.
A variation is that you want to stop the connection that has opened a queue.
The objective of this tutorial is to provide you with 2 procedures to identify the oldest connection.
a) When you issue “display conn”, the hexadecimal value given in the CONN attribute is based on the start time of the connection (plus other stuff).
You can use this information to your advantage:
If you compare the values of Connection1 and Connection2, the one with the lowest value is the Oldest!
The advantage is that it is simple to do: comparison of values.
A shortcoming is that you will not know what is the actual start time of the connection. If you want to know the time, then you will need to use the procedure in item ‘b’.
b) Given the output of “display conn” and “display chstatus”, you can select some attributes and find the values in the text output file from the MQ diagnostic tool “amqldmpa”, which will show you the start time of the connections.
A drawback is that there are many steps in the procedure and it is relatively easier to get confused.
After you have identified the desired Connection, you can stop it as follows (under runmqsc):   
   stop conn(connectionNumberfromDisplayConn)
For more information on Connections and how to stop them, see the following tutorial:
  How to identify MQ client connections and stop them

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11 May 2020