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How to export an Oracle schema (containing Controller data) from an Oracle database server - for sending to IBM Support for analysis



Customer wishes to send their Controller data (sometimes referred to as their 'database') to IBM Support.
  • In other words, they want to export their Oracle schema to send for analysis (for example to troubleshoot a problem).
How can the customer export their user/schema (from inside the Oracle database) to send to IBM Support?


Controller application repository database hosted on modern version of Oracle (for example 11G or 12C)

Resolving The Problem

Use the Oracle command EXPDP (compatible with recent versions of Oracle, such as 10G, 11G and 12C) to export the Controller schema to a 'DMP' file.
Imagine a scenario where:
  • Database name = ccr
  • Controller schema name = controllerlive
  • Oracle database's SYS password = mypassword
  • Oracle's SYSTEM password = mypassword

In this scenario, ask your Oracle DBA (administrator) to:

1. Check that your Oracle server is configured to have a 'data pump' folder.

If one does not exist, then you can create one by:

  • Create a folder (for example "C:\DATA_PUMP_DIR") on your Oracle server, for use by the data pump feature
  • Run the following script to configure the data pump folder:

CONN sys/mypassword@ccr AS SYSDBA
GRANT READ, WRITE ON DIRECTORY data_pump_dir TO controllerlive,system;
2. If your Oracle database server is based on Windows, launch a command prompt (CMD)
3. Run the following command:
expdp SYSTEM/mypassword@ccr schemas=controllerlive directory=data_pump_dir dumpfile=controllerlive.dmp logfile=controllerlive.log
4. Open the data pump folder
5. Locate the new DMP file (created by the above script)
6. Compress this file (for example to ZIP or 7z)
7. Please send both the compressed file and the log file (for example 'controllerlive.log') to IBM Support

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