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How to Encrypt Password in Planning Analytics WLP Server.xml File



Depending on your configuration, you may have a need to connect to a password secured resource configured by the server.xml file in a Websphere Liberty Application server.  In this example, the Planning Analytics Web Tier / TM1Web is being secured to use KERBEROS security - which requires an LDAP password be provided.

Resolving The Problem

How to Encrypt Passwords in WLP Server.xml File
  1. Open Command Prompt (as an Administrator)
  2. Set a JAVA_HOME environment variable to match the JRE that comes with Planning Analytics
    EXAMPLE: set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\tm1_64\jre
  3. In Command Prompt navigate to: <install_dir>\tm1_64\wlp\bin\
  4. Execute the following command: securityUtility encode --encoding=xor PASupport!@
    *In the above example, PASupport!@ is the password that is being encoded using XOR encoding
    **The securityUtility allows use of other encoding types, and is a decision you need to make yourself.  The above is an example.
  5. Copy the text after the {xor} tags. 
    *For this example, we are left with Dx4MKi8vMC0rHw==
  6. Update the bindPassword (or any other password you are changing) to reflect the encoded password
    NOTE: The default encoding type is XOR.  Other encoding types require specifying the --encoding parameter
  7. Restart your Planning Analytics Web Tier

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17 June 2020