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How to Enable ADMIN3 to Auto Start



ADMIN3 is hardcoded to use JDK 6.0 JDK, which is out of support as of December 31, 2017. This server has now been changed to no longer autostart. Here are the instructions to enable it to start again.

Resolving The Problem

The following group PTF levels changed the autostart for ADMIN3 so that it will no longer autostart::

    V7R1 SF99368 level 52
    V7R2 SF99713 level 26

On V7R3 ADMIN3 will continue to autostart and has been converted to a Websphere Liberty profile running JDK 8.0.


ADMIN3 may be used by the *ADMIN Integrated Application Server deployment of IBM i Access for Web that uses the IWADFT HTTP Apache instance connecting on port 2020, if configured to do so.

It is recommended that a separate IAS server be created and IBM i Access for Web be deployed to this server instead. The following link documents how to create an IAS server and deploy the IBM i Access for Web application:

ADMIN3 was also responsible for providing the Integrated Web Services test client in the IBM Web Administration, which allowed users to test their Web Services application. This test client application has been withdrawn and is no longer available. It is recommended that Open Source web service test clients be used instead, which provide more robust functionality.


Enabling ADMIN3 to Autostart:

1) On the IBM i command paste the following:

    EDTF '/qibm/userdata/os/osgi/LWISysInst/admin3/conf/'

2) Change the following line from this:

    echo engine.server.disabled=true

    to this:

    echo engine.server.disabled=false

F3 twice to save/exit the file.

3) End the HTTP Admin server and restart it and ADMIN3 will now autostart again:



NOTE: This change to the configuration may need to be performed again after the HTTP group PTF is applied.

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18 December 2019