How to download IBM Software Lifecycle data

The instructions in this document will teach you how to:

  • Create a list of products.
  • Download lifecycle data for that list of products.
  • Bookmark the URL to download the lifecycle data for that list of products, so you can download updated lifecycle data about the same products in the future.
  • Create multiple lists of products to accommodate large lists of products.

Step 1: Create your product list

  1. Navigate to the IBM Software Lifecycle site.
  2. Search for a product you are interested in.
  3. In the search results list, select the checkbox for each product version/release/modification level you are interested in. As you select each product, it is added to your product list:
    Screen shot: selecting a product displays a notification that the product has been added to your product list.
  4. Search for other products to add to your list. You can add up to 100 individual product version/release/modification levels to your list. At any time, the "My product list" module on the right side of the page shows how many products are in your list, and allows you to manage your list (remove products), view lifecycle details about your list, subscribe to an RSS news feed of lifecycle events for your product list, and download the lifecycle data for your product list.

Step 2: Download lifecycle data for your product list

  1. When you have finished creating your product list, select the "Download lifecycle data for your product list" link in the "My product list" module.
  2. On the "Software lifecycle - XML download" page, scroll down to the section titled "Customize the XML download".
  3. For "Products to include", select "My product list" (it should already be selected).
  4. For "Event type", choose which lifecycle event type you want to include in your download ("All" should already be selected).
  5. Select the "Download" button:
    Screen shot: Software lifecycle - XML download page showing the "Customzie the XML download" section.

Step 3: Save and bookmark your product list

  1. The complete lifecycle data for the products in your list will be downloaded to your browser. Depending on your browser's settings, you may see the XML data displayed in your browser, or you may be prompted to save the XML data in a file.
    1. If you see the XML data displayed in your browser, use your browser's Save As... command (usually located under the browser's "File" menu; or press Ctrl+S [Cmd+S on Mac] on your keyboard) to save the XML data in a file. Next, bookmark the URL that is currently in your browser's address bar. You can then return to this bookmark at any time in the future to download the latest lifecycle data for this product list.
    2. If you were prompted to save the XML data in a file, then the URL in the browser's address bar does not contain the actual list of selected products. To bookmark a URL that does contain the list of products so you can access that list later, choose the "View lifecycle details for your list" link in the "My product list module". The product details page will display, and you can bookmark that URL. To download the XML data for that product list in the future, load the bookmark you just created and then follow the instructions under Step 2 above.

Handling large product lists

If you need to download lifecycle data for more than 100 product versions/releases/modification levels, you must create additional lists. Use the "Manage your product list" link in the "My product list" module to remove all of the products from your current list. Then you can start over at Step 1 above to create, download, and bookmark additional lists.