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How do you increase the Java heap space for the ISF agent?

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How do you increase the Java heap space for the ISF agent?


Please make a backup of


Next, follow these steps to increase max_heap_size to 1 gb. If 1 gb is not enough then increase to 2 gb or larger:

Increase the maximum Java heap space for the ISF agent:

1. Log in to the InfoSphere Information Server services tier computer as the root user.

2. Open the following file for editing:

3. Locate the command at the bottom of the file that starts with the following line:
eval exec '"${NODE_DIR}/apps/jdk/jre/bin/java"'

and ends with: '"$@"'

This command contains -X arguments such as:
-Xss2M -Xoss2M

Add the following argument next to one of the existing -X arguments:

where max_heap_size is the maximum Java heap size to be used. By default this value is 512M which represents 512 megabytes.
For example to set it to 1 gigabyte, add the following argument to the command:

4. Save the file.

After modifying any of the configuration parameters, restart the ISF agent and the Liberty Profile server processes. To do this, log in as the root user on the Information Server services tier computer and run the following commands to stop the ISF agent and Liberty Profile server processes:

IS_HOME/ASBNode/bin/ stop
IS_HOME/ASBServer/bin/ stop

Run the following commands to start the Liberty Profile server and ISF agent processes:

IS_HOME/ASBServer/bin/ run
IS_HOME/ASBNode/bin/ start

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