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How do I subscribe to get software notifications for APARs and Fix Packs?

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How can you receive an e-mail either weekly or daily with important technical news about the IBM products that you select?


1) Go to to learn more about the features of the My Notifications service, change your subscription, or to become a new subscriber.

2) For a detailed PDF, Click on Help in the left navigation panel and click on the anchor entitled: "Detailed documentation for using the My notifications tool".

3) You will then be taken to the section with the following link "Support Notifications for IBM Products using the My notifications tool".

4) Click the link for a PDF document that provides (1) An overview and instructions & (2) How to subscribe and manage subscriptions.

5) I have attached the PDF for your reference, but as this PDF could become out of date, it is always a good idea follow the above steps for the most current version of the PDF.

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16 June 2018