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How do I submit an enhancement request against Information Server

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How do I submit an enhancement request against Information Server


The process for submitting enhancement requests to Information Server has changed.  
Instead of the former DeveloperWorks "Request for enhancement" page, enhancement requests should now be submitted via the following new page:
Before you can submit an enhancement request, you will need to register your email id and name.   After responding to the validation email and setting password, you will then be able to submit new requests via the "Add a new idea" button that will appear on the page.
When submitting an enhancement request, you will be prompted to select from a list of products.   The Information Server product and components use the following set of product entries:
Information Server - Connectivity
Information Server - Data Integration  (DataStage, FastTrack, Information Services Director, Balanced Optimization)
Information Server - Data Quality   (Information Analyzer, QualityStage, Data Quality Console)
Information Server - Governance  (Business Glossary, Governance Catalog, Metadata Workbench, IMAM)
Information Server on Cloud
Information Server - Platform

You also have the ability to search existing enhancement requests and if yours is already listed you can add your vote to the existing request rather than creating a new duplicate request.

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18 April 2019