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How do I process Sparse data objects Identified in the Audit

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How do I turn on sparse data object processing


After harvesting a volume, the audit may show "skipped - cannot
access data object", with a sparse data object message recorded in the details section.

To correct this problem, ensure that no jobs are running. SSH into the Data Server(s) and enter the following command at the prompt;

psql -U dfuser dfdata -c "insert into adminknobs (name,value,description,valuetype,use) VALUES ('read_sparse_files','1','Read sprase data objects','int','1')"

It should return the following;


if so, enter the following command and wait for the UI to come back up;

service siqinit restart

You can now run harvests as normal and sparse data objects will be processed. If your are using a policy which backs up the original files and just leaves a sparse file viewable that when accessed, will pull the original file forward, you may run into space issues. This is because SIQ will be accessing every sparse file, so the sparse files' size on disk will grow to the same size as the original file.

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17 June 2018