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How do I mass install UrbanCode Deploy plugins to a new server?

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When installing a new UrbanCode Deploy server or migrating a server to new hardware, it's possible to migrate all plugins from the original server without having to install them manually through the user interface.


The following steps can be executed to migrate plugins from one UrbanCode Deploy server to another.

  1. Plugins are stored in the server's var/plugins subdirectories for both Automation and Source Configuration plugins.
    • var/plugins/command/repo
    • var/plugins/source/repo
  2. Create a tar or zip file of all of the zip files in each repository.
    • Change directory into var/plugins/command/repo and run one of the following commands.
      • tar -cvfz command.tgz *.zip
      • zip *.zip
    • Change directory into var/plugins/source/repo and run one of the following commands.
      • tar -cvfz source.tgz *.zip
      • zip *.zip
  3. Copy the archive files command.tgz, source.tgz or, to the target UrbanCode Deploy server.
  4. The target UrbanCode Deploy server has a stage directory for new plugins. At startup, new plugins are automatically moved from the stage folder to the repo folder. Therefore you will unzip the archives into the stage folders.
    • Change directory into var/plugins/command/stage and run one of the following commands.
      • tar -xvfz command.tgz
      • unzip
    • Change directory into var/plugins/source/stage and run one of the following commands.
      • tar -xvfz source.tgz
      • unzip
  5. Start the target server. The following log entry will indicate the plugin was loaded.

2018-10-18 10:31:39,211 EDT INFO  main com.urbancode.ds.UDeployServer - Loading




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