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How do I filter out extra detail lines in IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture?

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For certain images, when Find Details is run, duplicate or extra detail lines are returned. If the existing filtering rules are not sufficient to eliminate the lines, how can I reduce or eliminate this behavior?


If the detail section has text that is not well aligned, duplicate lines may be returned when Detail Lines is run within IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture Verify. Also, if there is additional text in the detail section that is not associated with the detail lines themselves, they can cause extra detail lines.


An additional level of filtering can performed by modifying the Clean ruleset to check the position of a field zone with the position of the zone for the previous line. If it is found to be the same, it removes the line. The examples below are for the Price, but the same logic can be applied to any other field in the line item as desired.

If the above rule does not correct the issue, a more sophisticated check can be made by checking several consecutive lines for duplicates. There will be some increase in processing times for larger invoices because of the number of checks. This solution is generally used when there are very serious issues with extra text in the detail section. For this reason it should not be expected to completely resolve all extra line issues.

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