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How do I display only OSLC-enabled ClearQuest record types when establishing OSLC links?

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When creating an OSLC link to an IBM Rational ClearQuest record, how can I limit the record types displayed to include only OSLC-enabled record types?


The record creation and record selection dialogs for the ClearQuest OSLC provider display all record types when processing OSLC link requests. This allows OSLC consumers to establish one-way links to ClearQuest records because the infrastructure to create a backlink in the ClearQuest record is not enabled.


You might want to limit the list of selectable ClearQuest record types to only those that have the OSLCLinks package installed. This ensures that selected ClearQuest records can establish backlinks.

Perform the next steps to display only OSLC-enabled record types when processing OSLC link requests.


1. Open the file in a text editor. The file resides in the following location:

    On Windows:

    On the UNIX system and Linux:

2. Look for the next property and set its value to true. If the property does not exist, copy the following text and append it to the end of the file:

3. Save your changes and close the file.

4. Restart the WebSphere Application Server profile in which ClearQuest Web is running.

[{"Product":{"code":"SSSH5A","label":"Rational ClearQuest"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Integrations: 3rd Party","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB45","label":"Automation"}}]

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16 June 2018