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How to determine who is logged onto TM1 server at what time

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How to determine which clients are logged into IBM Cognos Tm1 server at any given time


1.) Log into Tm1

2.) In TM1 server explorer select View > Display Control Objects

3.) Expand CUBES and browse )ClientProperties cube.

The “STATUS” field of the }ClientProperties control cube
is updated to 'ACTIVE' for Client Id that is currently logged into TM1
and set to blank when logged out.

Note: In TM1 9.0, when a user logged into a TM1 server, the )ClientProperties cube 'STATUS' value was automatically updated to 'ACTIVE' for that Client Id.
Starting with TM1 9.1, the “STATUS” field is not automatically updated and you will need to enable a background thread to keep the “STATUS” field up-to-date by setting the ClientPropertiesSyncInterval configuration parameter in tm1s.cfg.

The background thread will wake up periodically and update the STATUS field for all clients indicating which are currently connected to the server. The configuration parameter ClientPropertiesSyncInterval is the number of seconds the background thread waits between updates. Example: ClientPropertiesSyncInterval=5

Setting the value to 0 disables the background thread. ClientPropertiesSyncInterval is dynamically configurable.

[{"Product":{"code":"SS9RXT","label":"Cognos TM1"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU002","label":"Business Analytics"},"Component":"TM1","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"9.5;9.4","Edition":"All Editions"}]

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15 June 2018