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How to delete an attachment that has been removed from the workitem link view

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When an attachment has been removed from the workitem link view, there is no straightforward way to delete this attachment so it is no longer accessible. How can you delete the attachment?


When the option to remove an attachment is used on the workitem links view, this removes a reference to the attachment from this view only. The attachment continues to exist in the database and a link to the attachment can be found in the workitem discussion area.


On the links view of a workitem, there are two options to discard an attachment:

  • Select the remove option which will only remove the reference to the attachment from the links view.

  • Right click the attachment in the links view and select delete which will purge the attachment from the database.

If the "Remove" option was used and now the attachment needs to be deleted from the repository, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Right click the link to the attachment that exists in the workitem discussion area and select to add to favorites.
  2. Expand the Favorites menu in the Team Artifacts view so the attachment is visible.

  3. Open the workitem links view.

  4. Drag and drop the attachment from Favorites to the links view.

  5. Right click the attachment and select delete

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