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How to create a merged plug-in config for multiple Liberty Profile Servers which are not part of a Liberty collective / cluster



Normally there is one web server, with one Plug-in, for each Liberty Profile Server. clients -----> IHS / Plug-in -----> Liberty Profile But what if you want to use the same web server and Plug-in as a front-end for multiple Liberty Profile Servers, like this? clients -----> IHS / Plug-in --- -----> Liberty Profile1 -----> Liberty Profile2 -----> Liberty Profile3 This technote will show how to create a "merged" plug-in config for this purpose.

Resolving The Problem

First you need to generate a plug-in configuration file for each Liberty Profile Server. You can use the mbean for this. Please see the documentation here:
Configuring a web server plug-in for the Liberty profile

Change the names of the plug-in config files slightly for each Liberty Profile Server, like:




Locate a full WebSphere Application Server (WAS) system that is at the same level, or higher, as your Liberty Profile Servers. And locate the pluginCfgMerge script in the AppServer/bin/ directory.

Copy the plug-in configuration files from the Liberty Profile Servers to the full WAS appserver, into the bin directory where the pluginCfgMerge script is located.

Run the pluginCfgMerge script to merge the plug-in configurations together into a single file, like this:

pluginCfgMerge.bat plugin-cfg1.xml plugin-cfg2.xml plugin-cfg3.xml merged-plugin-cfg.xml

Copy the merged-plugin-cfg.xml file to the web server, and configure IHS to load this merged plug-in config file. Restart the web server and test it to verify that it works.

NOTE: the above steps are only for Liberty Profile Servers that are not in a collective / cluster.

If you have a Liberty Profile Collective, and you want to generate a merged plug-in config for an entire Liberty Profile Cluster, please use the ClusterManager mbean, with the generateClusterPluginConfig operation instead. See the instructions here:

Generating a merged plug-in configuration for Liberty servers

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15 June 2018