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How to creat a table in ICM V10

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In IBM® Incentive Compensation Management, you can create tables to store data required for compensation calculations.


1. In Composer, open the component that you want to add the new table to.

2. From the Palette tab, drag the Table object into the component.

Step1 and 2

3. From the Table type drop-down list, select the type of table that you want to create and click Next.


4. Type a name and description for the table and click Save. The table name cannot contain spaces.

*Optional: If you want this table to contain effective dates, select the Effective dated check box.


5. Type a name for the primary key field and select the column type from the Type drop-down list. Important: Each field in the table must have a unique name.

Field names can contain spaces. Field names cannot be changed after the table is added.

6. Click Add a column to add more fields to the table.

7. For each field that you add, perform the following steps:

a. If the field is a primary key field, select the ID check box.

b. Type a name for the new field.

c. From the Type drop-down list, select the column type.

d. If you select Pick List as the column type, define the pick list field.


8. When you are finished adding fields, click Create.

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29 May 2019