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How to configure the number of results per page when browsing a CM8 folder in ICN?

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When browsing an IBM Content Manager (CM8) folder within IBM Content Navigator (ICN), 200 results are shown per page by default. Is it possible to configure ICN to show a different number of results per page?


Paging configuration for search results is not effective when browsing a CM8 folder because this is a different feature.


You can configure the page size (the number of items retrieved) on the ICN server by setting a "pageSize" environment variable (at OS level). For example, setting pageSize to 50 will retrieve items in chunks of 50. This will apply globally to ICN, not just specifically to opening the contents of a folder.
The application server where ICN is deployed must be restarted after the environment variable is defined or changed, in order to take effect.

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17 June 2018