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How to configure Controller Web to use Cognos (CAM) authentication

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Customer has already configured their main ('classic') Controller client to use Cognos CAM authentication.
  • In other words, they have already performed the tasks inside either the separate Technote 1380097 or 2012534
How can they modify 'Controller Web' to also use Cognos authentication?


Refer to official documentation for how to configure Controller Web for CAM authentication.
  • TIP: Links for Controller 10.3.1 and 10.4.1 are given at the end of this Technote.


NOTE: The following is a basic example only. It may need to be modifed, based on your environment (such as version of Controller / CA):

1. Logon to the Cognos Report Server
  • Typically this is your Cognos Analytics server.
2. Launch 'Cognos Configuration'
3. Configure CAM authentication. In other words:
  • Create a Cognos CAM security namespace
  • Set 'Anonymous Access' to false
4. Browse to the report server's installation folder
  • For example, if using Cognos Analytics 11 then (by default) this is here: C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\analytics
5. Navigate to the subfolder:      ....\templates\ps\portal\
6. Create a new text file called:      variables_CCRWeb.xml
7. Using NOTEPAD, make the contents of the file as described in the official documentation
  • Different versions of Controller have different requirements, so the contents (of that file) are slightly different
  • Some examples are given below. Naturally you will need to replace the servername with the name of your Controller application server.
Example #1 (Controller 10.4.1):
<CRNenv c_cmd="http://my-ccr-server:9080/#!/CamLogin">
      <param name="cam_passport"/>
Example #2 (Controller 10.3.0):
<CRNenv c_cmd="http://my-ccr-server:9080/fcm.web/cam_login">
      <param name="cam_passport"/>
8. Save changes

9. Logon to the Controller application server (where Controller Web server is installed)
10. Browse to the folder:      ...servers\fcm.web
  • TIP: By default, this is here: C:\Program Files\IBM\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb\wlp\usr\servers\fcm.web

11. Open the following file inside NOTEPAD:
12. Configure the following:
biUrl = the URL that the user must go to when CAM authentication is needed
  • Example #1 (Cognos BI using CGI): http://<BI_host>/ibmcognos/cgi-bin/cognos.cgi
  • Example #2 (Cognos Analytics without SSO gateway): http://<CA_server>:9300/bi/v1/disp
biDispatchEndpoint = the endpoint to which Cognos Controller Web connects to validate CAM users and CAM passports.
  • The default location is http://<BI_host>:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch
  • In this scenario, it should be:     CAM
Example #1: Cognos Analytics (CA) without Gateway
Example #2: Cognos BI (using standard gateway)

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU002","label":"Business Analytics"},"Product":{"code":"SS9S6B","label":"Cognos Controller"},"Component":"Controller","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"10.3.0;10.3.1;10.4.0;10.4.1","Edition":""}]

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