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How to check the Regional Settings for client & application servers, in a Controller system



Customer is experiencing an issue, where the suspected trigger is regional settings. IBM Support have asked for a description of all the regional settings used by the client devices and application servers.
How can the customer check their current regional settings?


Sometimes issues in Controller only occur when the devices (client PC, servers) have specific Regional Settings combinations.
  • This means that (in order to troubleshoot), IBM Support may ask for the specific regional settings of your devices.

Resolving The Problem

There are several places that are necessary to check regional settings for:

(a) Client Device

Example #1 - Laptop / Desktop PC

Some customers run the Controller client 'directly' on their laptop / desktop PC. If this is what you do, then the following instructions (based on Windows 10) are what you need to do:

1. Logon to the PC using the *same* Windows username that the end user does (the person who gets the problem)

2. Right-click on the 'Start' button

3. Click "Run"

image 5478

4. Type the following:   c:\windows\system32\intl.cpl

image 5477

5. Select the tab "Formats"

  • Take a printscreen of the settings that you can see, for example:

image 5479

6. Click on the tab "Administrative", and take a printscreen of the settings that you can see, for example:

image 5481
Example #2 - Citrix (or Terminal Services)

Some customers deploy the Controller client via a Citrix (or Microsoft Terminal Services / Remote Desktop) server. If this is what you do, then the following instructions are what you need to do:
1. Ask your I.T. administrator to give the 'bad' user access to the 'Regional Settings' icon (on the Citrix/Terminal Server)
TIP: If using Citrix, then one method to achieve this is to create a new 'published application'. For full details, see official third-party (Citrix) website articles. However, to summarise:
  • Create a new Citrix published application, which has the following command line:   rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL intl.cpl,,5
For example, the new published application may look like this:
image 2911
  • Publish this on ALL the Citrix servers which publish Controller (there may be several)
  • Ask the end user to launch Controller (via Citrix) first, and then launch the new 'Regional Settings' published application (via Citrix).
This will ensure that they are automatically load-balanced correctly, so that the end user is running the new 'Regional Settings' program on the same Citrix server as where they are running Controller itself.
2. Ask the 'bad' user to launch this Citrix 'Regional Settings' icon, and then perform the same tasks as described above (inside the "Laptop / Desktop PC" section).

(b) Application Server

Perform the following steps on your Controller application server.

1. Logon to the Controller application server as a Windows administrator

2. From the Start menu, launch 'Controller Configuration'

3. Open the section 'COM+ Server'

4. Take a printscreen of the current settings, for example:

If you are using Controller 10.2 or later, then you shoud be using 'Run as Service'. In this case, you can immediately go to the next step (go to step 5).

However, if you are using an older version of Controller (for example 10.1 or earlier) then you will have 'Specify Account' selected. You must then:

  • Make a note of the username inside section 'User' (for example MYDOMAIN\Controller_system)
  • Logoff from the application server.
  • Logon to the application server using that same user (for example MYDOMAIN\Controller_system).

5. Click 'Start - Control Panel'

6. Click "Clock, Language and Region":

7. Click 'Region'

8. Click on tab 'Formats' and take a printscreen, for example:

9. Click on tab 'Location' and take a printscreen

10. Click on tab 'Administrative' and take a printscreen, for example:

11. Click 'Copy Settings' and take a printscreen, for example:

12. Click 'Cancel' and then 'Cancel'.

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07 August 2020