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How to change the Sametime client password

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How can a user change his or her Sametime Connect client password or Lotus Notes client instant messaging password?

If you log in with an incorrect password, you see an error such as follows:

"Unable to Access Sametime due to incorrect logon. Please try again or contact your system administrator."


A Sametime or Notes instant messaging user's password is the same as the user's Internet password, which is stored in the directory used by the Sametime environment (LDAP directory or Domino directory).

This password cannot be changed from within the Sametime Connect client or Notes client. If you are a Sametime user, follow your company's procedure for updating your password, for example, contacting a help desk or using a password application.

Additional information for administrators

For Domino Directory (also known as the address book or names.nsf), the Sametime server uses the Internet password field of the user's Person document. This field value can be changed manually. To change a user's password, open the user's Person document and enter a new password in the "Internet password" field. If you have a multiple Domino server environment, the changes should be made on the hub server and replicated down.

For LDAP directories, the password is stored on the LDAP server and must be changed accordingly. Use the administrative tools provided with the third-party LDAP server to access the LDAP directory and make password changes for individual users. You cannot change passwords stored in an LDAP directory from the Sametime Administration Tool.

For more information, refer to the topics "Changing a user's password" or "Getting started with Sametime security" in the product documentation for your Sametime version.

Internal Use Only

To change your Sametime Connect client password or your Notes client instant messaging password, you must update your Internet password in your company's directory (LDAP directory or Domino directory).

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