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How to change the registry values in Windows to increase ulimit settings.



How to change the registry values in Windows to increase the ulimit settings.

Resolving The Problem

Changing the "ulimit" settings on Windows involves making changes to the Windows registry.
(When making changes to the registry always ensure you have a backup prior to modifications)

To increase the "maxOpenFiles", follow these steps:

1. Log on with the "Administrator" id.

2. Click Start -> Run -> regedit.

3. Navigate the registry to the node as follows:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Services for Unix

4. If "MaxOpenFiles" exists, go to step 6.

5. If "MaxOpenFiles" does not exist, click Edit -> New -> DWORD value and type "MaxOpenFiles" for the name.

6. Double-click "MaxOpenFiles".

7. Change the base to Decimal.

8. Enter the value data (ex. 3000 for ulimit -n 3000).

9. Close Registry Editor.

10. Restart Windows.

Verify that the value has changed by logging on to the SFU korn shell and doing a "ulimit -a" command.

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17 June 2018