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How to change the encoding used for CSV EXPORT format from Unicode to UTF-8?



Exporting to CSV uses a default encoding of Unicode (UTF-16le). Can this be changed to UTF-8?

Resolving The Problem

  1. Open the IBM Cognos Administration page
  2. Select the Configuration tab and select Dispatchers and Services
  3. Click on Set Properties
  4. Select the Settings tab
  5. To the right of Advanced Settings, select Edit...
  6. Enter parameter "RSVP.CSV.ENCODING" and value "utf-8"
  7. Click OK

After the 60 seconds required for your changes to take effect, your changes are reflected when reports are generated in CSV format.

NOTE: if "Override the settings acquired from the parent entry" is checked in Step 5 on the individual service (ie. ReportService), the setting will not be enabled and will have to be manually entered on the service. This setting will override any properties inherited from this and other parent settings.

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Modified date:
15 June 2018