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How to change the database password on WebSphere Lombardi Edition (WLE) 7.1 Simple Install

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How do you change the database password on WebSphere Lombardi Edition (WLE) 7.1 Simple Install?


Below are the steps to change the password on a WLE Simple Install. It's worthwhile to note this is available only on Windows systems and comes pre-installed with DB2.

  • Shut down WLE. You can do this from the

    • Start->All Programs->WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7->Stop Servers
  • Change the password for Windows user WSLE to the new password.
  • Encrypt the new_passwordand write this down. Use the "Encrypting passwords" section in the Process Center Installation and Configuration Guide for Windows (PDF) to do this.
  • Change the password in

    • C:\IBM\Lombardi7\internal-provider\98Database.xml

    to the new encrypted password.

  • Change the password in

    • C:\IBM\Lombardi7\internal-provider\securitydb.jocl

      <string value="new_password"/>

  • Change the password in

    • C:\IBM\Lombardi7\process-center\config\system\98Database.xml


  • Change the password for the following services in the Windows services panel (in the "Log On" tab)
    • DB2 - DBCOPY1 - DB2
    • DB2 Governor
    • DB2 Remote Command Server (DB2COPY1)
    • DB2DAS - DB2DAS00
  • Start the WLE from servers

    • Start->All Programs->WebSphere Lombardi Edition 7->Start Servers
  • Run the command

    • $WAS_HOME/bin/wsadmin.bat -conntype NON wasadmin> securityoff
  • Restart the WLE servers.
  • Log on to
  • https://server_name:port_number/ibm/console/

    you should only be promoted for the username tw_user

  • Using the left hand menu pane, navigate to
  • Resources -> JDBC -> Datasources

  • One at a time, go into all 4 Teamworks datasources.
    • Click "Custom Properties" and go to the second page of each (arrow at the bottom of the page) and change the password to the new_password.
    • For each data source click "Apply" and then "Save"
  • Now, go into:
  • Security -> Global Security -> Expand Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) -> J2C authentication data

    Change the password for

    • LombardiCell01/performancedblogon
    • LombardiCell01/processdblogon
  • Under Security->Global Security tick Enable administrative security if it is not already checked.
  • Restart the WLE Servers
  • Test - log back on to was admin console (you should now be prompted for username and password) and try connectivity on all Lombardi datasources (navigated to resources/jdbc/datasources).
  • Test - Logon to Lombardi Process portal

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