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How Can You Determine the CPU utilization Of System Tasks On iSeries Without Performance Tools Installed?

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How can you determine the CPU utilization of system tasks on iSeries without performance tools installed?


Some customers choose to buy System i hardware without Performance Tolls 5722PT1/5761PT1 installed. It can be a challenge to determine CPU utilization of system tasks, like conversion, on these systems, because WRKSYSSTS and WRKACTJOB show CPU utilization of jobs only.


Customer can be in the situation when WRKSYSSTS shows high CPU utilization, but WRKACTJOB does not shows what is the job that is using CPU, because the CPU used by the i/OS task and not a job.
There is hidden micro ARTOOL in service tools that can help customer to find out CPU utilization of system tasks.
Customer needs the user ID and password for Service Tools to use this micro.

STRSST, 1, 4, 1, 2, 14, Run hidden macro ARTOOL with an option of 0006 (see screen shots)

NOTE: if the elapsed time is high (something higher then 30 -60 seconds, F12 and rerun the macro to refresh the elapsed time).

Elapsed time means - these are the CPU *averages* over the elapsed time. So if your elapsed time is 1 hr, you are looking at the CPU averages over one hour..
The elapsed time should be more like 30-60 seconds..

This system is doing anything - but the jobs/tasks are sorted in descending order, so this is where our customer saw conversion tasks LDFX01 under the JOB/TASK column and UTIL column said 13.9%

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How to determine the CPU utilization of system tasks on iSeries without performance tools installed

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