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How to avoid removing all mappings from a role via Xmlaccess

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How can I remove a user or group mapping from a role on a resource via Xmlaccess without removing ALL mappings for the role? For example, I wish to remove "mygroup2" from the User role on the myPortlet portlet but retain "mygroup1". Currently my Xmlaccess export of this portlet shows: [] []


Ensure that you use a value of "set" on the update parameter of the role tag rather than "remove", and then use the "remove" value for the actual mapping you wish to remove. An example snippet would be:

<portlet action="update" active="true" name="myPortlet">

  <role actionset="User" update="set">
   <mapping subjectid="cn=mygroup2,o=Org" subjecttype="USER_GROUP" update="remove"/>

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03 December 2021