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How To Automatically Update Access Key

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This document describing how to check and update Update Access Key (UAK) automatically before it gets expired.


Starting from power 8 machine and later, Update Access Key (UAK) is checked before system firmware updates are applied to the system. If UAK is expired, firmware updates cannot be processed.

As a result, UAK needs to be checked periodically, doing that for multiple systems would be a headache, instead, UAK update can be done automatically.


HMC 8.8.6 and later - Enhanced GUI


In order to automatically update UAK, follow these steps:
  • From Hardware Management Console (HMC) home page, select Serviceability then select Service Management.Step 1
  • Next page, select Transmit Service Information.Step 2
  • Then, scroll down to Update Access Key Information, mark the check box, and select update interval (default is 7 days).Step 3
  • Once UAK got updated, HSCE2123 entry is logged in to HMC log file indicates that "chcod" command was executed successfully.

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Modified date:
22 September 2021